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GLO Science Professional Teeth Whitening

Better teeth whitening, happier patients.

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*While supplies last. For qualified dental practices only. Offer subject to change without notice.

Feel more confident with GLO

Teeth whitening that provides great results in less time and without sensitivity

GLO is easy to sell and easy to use, so you see more smiles!

Make your teeth whitening program a success!

  • Best results without dehydration or rebound (up to 12 shades whiter)
  • 1/2 the chair time for in-office treatments (less than 1 hour!)
  • Pain-free whitening treatments for maximum patient comfort
  • No custom trays or lab fees
  • In-Office and Take-Home treatment options
  • Turnkey marketing tools are easy-to-use and make selling a breeze


The Success Starter Set

Includes a $500 value in free goods!

About GLO Science

GLO Science is a New York City based dental company dedicated to building healthy smiles through innovative technological advances in oral care.  Invented by world-renowned dentist and oral health expert, Dr. Jonathan B. Levine, GLO is transforming the way dental professionals and patients approach teeth whitening and oral health. GLO innovations have been recognized with 4 Thomas Edison Awards. The company’s professional teeth whitening system earned a 92% Clinical Evaluation approval rating from Dental Advisor. GLO Science’s line of professional products is available through select dealers.

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