GLO Science Professional Whitening

GLO Professional Whitening features a universally-sized mouthpiece that combines warming heat and light to accelerate specially formulated, professional strength hydrogen peroxide whitening gel for faster results and better efficacy without sensitivity.

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Less Chairtime & No Sensitivity
Universally sized mouthpiece means no need to take impressions! Controlled heat gently warms to accelerate the whitening process without dehydrating the tooth – drastically minimizing the sensitivity often associated with whitening. Patients can achieve up to 12 shades whiter in only 32 minutes in the office.

Promotes Patient Compliance
The smart, user-friendly design of the GLO Professional Whitening system makes whitening quick & easy for both practitioners and patients.  Patients love using GLO, leading to improved overall home care compliance.

FREE Training & Starter Kit
New customers* can schedule a FREE in-office chairside whitening training session and get a FREE complete starter kit.

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